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The 90 Day Mind and Body Boost

Join our 90 day, all-encompassing program!

Two coaches for double the accountability and success!

Start 2020 out strong, confident, and with a plan of action.

This program is one of a kind.

Work with a registered dietitian AND certified personal trainer to ensure you reach your goals!


You're frustrated because you've tried multiple nutrition and fitness plans.You haven't seen the results you desire.You've started on a diet or fitness plan for a month or two only to find yourself back where you started overtime, and you struggle to stay consistent. Does this sound like you? We've been there too!
That's why we've created this program.


Nutrition and fitness go HAND IN HAND. A solid fitness program can build muscle and change your body composition but nutrition is the KEY to weight management and fat loss. They’re both incredibly necessary if you want to see real results!

The 90 Day Mind & Body Boost will give you all the tools you need to step up your fitness training and learn how to eat right for your body! Rachel Sneeden, certified personal trainer and functional fitness specialist, will work with you to make sure your fitness plan meets your needs, goals and limitations. Brittany Linn, registered dietician, will work with you on creating the perfect nutrition plan, not just for 90 days, but a SUSTAINABLE plan that you can follow well over 12 weeks! Together, Rachel and Brittany will make sure you're on the right track and set up for success! 




What’s included in the program?

●  12-week functional fitness plan focused on building muscle, preventing injury, and decreasing fat. Customized for your level of fitness - gym or home options! 

● Customized nutrition goals, strategies and meal plans


● Initial consultation with Brittany for all nutrition goals and needs

● Initial consultation with Rachel for all fitness goals and needs

● Bi-weekly group video call check-ins for Q&A, accountability, and motivation. PLUS access to our weekly newsletter 

● Personal check-ins with both Rachel and Brittany for progress check-ins and any adjustments necessary to your program

● Full access to Rachel and Brittany at all times

● TWO coaches for double the amount of accountability, progress, and success! 

#90dayMBB is for those who are serious about making a change! 

Rachel & Brittany will guide you through these 90 days so you constantly feel supported! This is NOT a program where you will download a PDF and be left to hold yourself accountable. You will have FULL access to Rachel and Brittany whenever you need extra support and there will be bi-weekly group chats to answer any questions. 

#90dayMBB is for those who want accountability to help them stay on track in the new year!
The new year can be a stressful and overwhelming time! Do you ever feel like you’re bombarded with 21-day “quick-fixes” when the new year hits?  Rachel and Brittany are here to break that way of thinking! It’s never a “one-size-fits-all”. They both agree that life should be LIVED and ENJOYED mindfully - all things in moderation. Rachel and Brittany will give you the tools you need to navigate the new year like a boss and still feel in control of your health. 

#90dayMBB is for those who need some extra motivation to go into 2020 feeling stronger than ever!

Why is the #90dayMBB different?

#90dayMBB is customized to YOU and NOT a one size fits all!

We all know that achieving a healthy mind and body takes more than just a on-size-fits-all approach, and that is why we created this program! This is NOT a "download this PDF and get to work" program. We will work with you one-on-one to make sure you have the tools you need to work these 90 days like a #boss.

#90dayMBB is created by two experts in their respective fields. 
Brittany and Rachel have worked with MANY different clients from all different backgrounds. They both know exactly how to help you succeed in making a lifestyle change and are SO excited to get started! 

#90dayMBB is different because two coaches is always better than one! 
What's better than one person holding you accountable? TWO. We are BOTH here for you every step of the way. We can't wait to see you succeed and reach your goals! 

Who is this program for?

This program is a lifestyle. Brittany and Rachel will teach you how to make a change in a sustainable way. The goal is to be able to take the things you learn in these 90 days and carry them on into your life for following weeks, months, even years to come! 

About Brittany:
Brittany believes that nutrition, overall wellness, and quality of life should be easily understood, even at the most basic level. Nutrition should not be confusing, and it should be tailored towards your lifestyle and your goals.

Brittany's wide scope of nutritional knowledge allows her to provide the perfect mixture of science and realistic, sustainable lifestyle changes to all of her clients. She believes in life long changes for her clients, less focus on numbers, and more focus understanding the science of basic nutrition, your personal health needs and feeling your very best!

Brittany's credentials:

Registered Dietitian

Licensed Dietitian

Bachelors of Science in Nutrition (University of Delaware)

About Rachel:
Rachel's passion is to help you feel amazing in your own skin. Fitness should be fun, but more importantly, fitness should be functional. If something doesn't feel good, why do it? If something doesn't make you feel better on a daily basis, why do it?

Exercise is all about making sure you have a stable foundation to carry out every day activities in an extraordinary way. Once we have a solid foundation and nail our movement patterns, then we get to focus on the fun stuff - athletic performance and reaching your goals!

Rachel's credentials:

ACE Personal Trainer

Certified Functional Strength Coach

Russian Kettlebell Certification Level 1

ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist

TRX Suspension Training

Email us at 90daymindbodyboost@gmail.com

or Schedule your FREE introduction call with Rachel or Brittany to see if you're the right fit for our program!