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"Brittany has been an excellent Dietitian and health/ wellness coach. She works around my schedule to deliver the best quality nutrition counseling. Brittany's method is kind and patient. Over the weeks I've worked with her we've set goals that are attainable and sustainable for a lifetime. Highly recommend!" - Meg O.

I highly recommend Brittany! We have been working together on several health and wellness goals and I love her thoughtful approach to eating. She is helping me change my mindset on how I look at foods in a more positive way which is all focused on making a lifestyle change, rather than "doing a diet". Her intuitiveness and the way she breaks things down into small goals that I can accomplish is working very well for me. I also love the Healthie platform and that I can track my meals and goals and have feedback from Brittany as well. I can't wait to see where this health and wellness journey takes me and I'm so glad I have Brittany helping me get there. She's a great motivator and so informative! - Sharon F.

I have been working with Brittany for a few months now, and I have seen tremendous growth with my eating habits. I have struggled with a poor relationship with food for many, many years, always searching for that quick fix to lose a few pounds. Once I started working with Brittany, she gave me several easy tips which helped me change my perception and view of food, going from “bad food” or “good food” to just food, and allowing myself to enjoy the foods that I like. Before I started with Brittany, I didn’t think intuitive eating would help me achieve my goals, as I didn’t understand the scope of it, but after going through the ins and outs of it, I feel very hopeful about my relationship with food in the future. The most important thing I learned with Brittany and constantly remind myself is that changing habits now will be my greatest return in the long run. I highly recommend Brittany to anyone who wants to enjoy what they eat and get rid of the stress of nutrition. - Megan S.

"I honestly thought improving my food was going to be difficult and full of sacrifice. Brittany legitimately made it easy to eat healthy. I feel better, my mood is up, and I don’t crave sugar like I used to!" - Eli B

Brittany is a rockstar when it comes to nutrition. The personal time and attention she gave me was everything I needed in a coach, especially when talking about the stuff I'm consuming because I've always had a strained relationship with food. She was patient and understanding and really listened to my likes and dislikes as well as supportive in her approach. I also really like her philosophy of not denying yourself some treats every now and again because that really saved me when it came to sticking to a plan. We scheduled in some of my guilty pleasure foods so I didn't feel like I was being punished for indulging. She's a great person and coach to have on your team especially when you have always just guessed when it came to what your body needed. She helped me change my approach to food and I started enjoying my meals more and having a more mindful approach to my health. She's a great resource and an even better shoulder to lean on when you just need to vent it out. I would highly recommend working with Brittany.. you won't be disappointed!- Meg A

I have been working with Brittany for several months and she has been an excellent coach for helping with my diet and nutrition. Since working with her my diet has changed significantly, I now feel much healthier, stronger and have more energy than I’ve had in the past few years. Thanks for all your help!- Tommy W.

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